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Cancellation & Re-schedule Service:


1) Recently, we received cancellation from customer after paying deposit. Please noted there is no refund for any cancellation after paying deposit. We can offer re-schedule service or change to another service.

Specially, the reservation relative with another party such as driver, bridal shop and makeup artist. It may hard to change to another service.

2) There is no any charge for 1st time re-schedule service. The re-schedule service charge is from 2nd time. The price is $800/each time.

3) For bad weather arrangement: If there is light rain, it is not necessary for re-schedule. If typhoon No. 3 and amber, it is necessary for re-schedule for outdoor photoshooting. if typhoon No. 8 and red/black rainstorm, there is extra charge for continuing photoshooting service. $1500 for each staffs

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