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About Us

本店由2020年開業,  2位情侶攝影師 Werner 和Dora 一手創辦,
主要提供婚紗, 婚禮, 公司活動,  畢業 及家庭 攝影服務,

以親民價錢提供服務, 為你們創作獨一無二的照片。

Our company opened in 2020, founded by a couple photographers who are Werner and Dora.
We mainly provide wedding, event, graduation and family photography services with affordable prices to create unique photos for customers.

(攝影師有機會在外工作, 未能及時回覆, 請盡量利用IG/ Facebook 查詢, 謝謝。)

(Our photographers may work outside which can't reply in time. Please try to use IG/Facebook for inquiries. Thank you.)

Instagram: w.memories.fotos
Facebook: w.memories.fotos

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